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Playing Points Rummy?

Points Rummy Rules for Joker



Engage in Points Rummy for an Exciting Experience

Seeking a fast-paced rummy game? Give Points Rummy a try at Rummy Alliance

Points Rummy involves a single deal where players compete for points. The winner takes home all the chips/cash upon a valid show declaration. The winnings comprise the total points of all opponents multiplied by the pre-determined point value in rupees, minus the rake. Therefore, Winnings = (Sum of opponents' points) X (Rupee value of points) - Rake


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Points Rummy Rules for Rummy Elite

Each Points Rummy game consists of only one deal

The point values are established at the game's outset

Each player brings in an amount equivalent to 80 points

Therefore, the maximum amount a player brings to the table would be three times the point value for that game. For example, if players agree on Rs.1 as the preset value of a point, the amount to bring to the table would be 80 (max points) x Rs.1 x 3 times = Rs.240

If a player's cash balance is less than the maximum required amount (3 times the point value), the player will join the game table with the closest possible point multiple, either 2X or 1X times the point value

Players who opt to drop out of the game before their turn (drawing their first card) will lose as First Drop, resulting in a penalty of 20 points

Players who play their first turn or multiple turns (draw and discard) and wish to drop out before a player declares a show face a Middle Drop penalty of 40 points

Players who fail to meld any card when a show is declared face a Full Count penalty of 80 points

First Hand Show: The declaration of a show by any player during the first round of turns after the game begins is known as a 'First Hand Show'. The player receives 40 points for this

In a First Hand Show, players who have played their first turn will have their actual meld points or 80 points (whichever is lower) calculated. For players who have not yet played their first turn, the calculation will be based on their actual meld points or 40 points (whichever is lower) - Rummy Royale

In a 13 Card game, a total of 9 jokers are used, including 2 Printed Jokers and 7 Wild Card Jokers. For a 21 Card game, a total of 15 jokers are used, including 2 Printed Jokers, 7 Wild Card Jokers, and 6 Value Card Jokers. In a 27 Card game, a total of 21 jokers are used, including 2 Printed Jokers, 7 Wild Card Jokers, and 12 Value Card Jokers

Players must form 2 Life or Sequence One mandatory Pure Life (a straight sequence without any Joker) to avoid a Full Count penalty

Another mandatory Life with or without Royally Rummy is also required



Aside from the two mandatory sequences, other cards can be melded into sequences or sets of 3, 4, or 5 cards. An additional Pure Life can be created, but it is not mandatory

The player who calls for a valid show receives 0 points; other players accumulate points based on the deadwood cards they hold (cards not used in valid runs or sets)

The penalty for leaving the table is a Full Count, resulting in 80 points deducted in Rupees (as predetermined)

Auto Play will activate if you are disconnected during play. The number of turns for which Auto Play applies is outlined in the "Auto Play Rules" under How to Play rummy

The winning player's Reward Amount = Total Points of all Losing Players X Points Value - Rake, Rummy Wave, Teen Patti Ocean



At various points during a game, all players have the option to opt out of the next deal/round. By selecting the 'Do not deal next game' checkbox, the game will not proceed to the next round by default, allowing players to exit a table without penalty

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